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Change of plans

When I started this blog, I had thought I would be posting mostly about computers and technology. Since my difficulties with the Ubuntu 10.04 install, I’ve been less interested in those things, and, as I’ve been losing weight and getting healthier, I’ve been more enamored of the bicycle (viz. my last few posts).

I know myself, too, and I know I am subject to being taken over by a topic for a few months or years, and then moving on to something else. For a number of reasons, I feel like that is happening again.

There will be less emphasis on the “Computers”, henceforward, and more on the “other annoyances”. Since only about a dozen people have ever looked at this blog anyway, I know that changes like this won’t make a huge difference in the world.

I’ll also be using this space to post things that I’ll want access to later, and things I’ll want to link for friends and others.


Google glitches, Chrome curiosities

Why, suddenly, when I click on the “Other Bookmarks” button on my Linux installation of Google Chrome, does it take several second for the list of bookmarks to appear? It doesn’t happen in any of my other browsers in Linux, nor does it happen in Windows XP on the same computer (the netbook).

And why, suddenly, does the Flash crossword game at no longer load in Chrome? It loads in Opera & Firefox…

Do I want Windows?

In other news, I found a source for Windows 7 starter on DVD, for a new install, for about $50 (get the license key by email & a home-burned DVD by snail-mail). Do I want to do this on my home-built computer so I can dual-boot with Ubuntu?

The motherboard provider only offers firmware upgrades in the run-from-Windows flavor, and (despite WINE) there are some programs that only run under Windows. On the other side, my netbook runs XP, and my wife’s laptop runs Windows 7 (don’t know the version, though).

If I’m honest, I’m probably only thinking of doing it because I can, and I need a new project. I’m not sure if this is it, though.

OK, so MAYBE an e-reader…

I’ve been re-thinking the e-reader thing, especially in view of the Passing of the Palm (see previous post). And, frankly, I may also be reacting to the fact that I have a bunch of Barnes & Noble giftcards that need burning up. But if I can get an e-reader that will run plain text, .pdf, and epub formats, then I can take some public-domain (or pirated – ahem) books with me – and I think the e-reader might also be a better way of handling periodicals (I MISS my dead-tree version of PC Magazine!).

They’re still too expensive, though. And I still think that in ten years, format changes will make anything on the e-reader unrecoverable.