As I write this in November of 2009, I’m in my mid-50’s, married for the second time (this one seems to be holding), with no children. I’ve been involved in substance-abuse treatment or prevention for almost 25 years; I have a Masters degree, a license for addiction counseling in New Jersey, and a Certification in Prevention. I got my first computer in 1990 when I was working on my Masters degree, and had to take a research/statistics course for which I was going to have to present essentially the same paper, with variations, dozens of times, and buying a computer with word-processing software seemed like a better idea than doing all that retyping (I think the only thing I still have left from that first computer, a Hyundai [do they still make computers?] is a unidirectional printer cable).


Although I use Linux on three of my four computers, I will waste no time in admitting that I probably know less about Linux, Open Source, programming, or anything else in that line, than any other Linux user. I usually have a specific problem to solve, or task I want to perform, and I use the web to find an answer to that specific problem, either from help forums, or by the use of search engines. I have good search engine skills, but what really helps is that I rarely stop at the first or second page of results, and I am often able to reframe and focus a query based on the results of a previous query that did not generate the precise response for which I was looking.


Personally, I am a grouchy, cheap intellectual snob. I prefer the library to the loud party, and the close company of a few people I already know to random association with strangers; the web, with its appurtenant ability to form alliances with like-minded people regardless of intervening geography, is Just My Cup Of Tea. (Or coffee, which is my preferred beverage.) Politically, I am in the left wing of the left wing. My first jobs for the first seven years out of college were in business insurance. Neither company was known as particularly risky or unorthodox, but in those seven years, I was part of screwing everybody who wasn’t in my little unit: individuals, businesses; vendors, buyers, fellow employees. I have seen the evil that business can do, and I have no doubt that as bad as government can be, business is worse. A corporation is not even a real thing, like a person; it is a legal fiction, and yet, when it comes to legal rights and bankruptcy, corporations have more rights than individuals. I object. (You’ll occasionally hear from my friend Ezra Jennings on these topics. And I reserve the right to heavily edit comments, in either political direction.)


Thank you for your visit. I hope you enjoy this blog. I hope we will all learn, and if you can leave a suggestion behind, I will be grateful. (Maybe. What kind of suggestion were you going to leave?)


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