Learning clipless pedals

“Clipless” pedals are the ones where a cleat is attached to the bottom of your shoe, which snaps into the pedal. They don’t have the obvious “clip” assembly that was attached to platform pedals and strapped around the toe of a (usually not bicycle-specific) shoe, but the cleat thingie is a different sort of “clip”, as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve had two people talk to me about not wanting to try clipless pedals because they were afraid they would fall over while they were learning to clip in and out. Here’s my response: You will fall over while you’re learning. It’s part of the process. But pedaling efficiency is so improved with clipless pedals, that it’s worth the falls.

I learned by leaning up against a wall and practicing the clip-in, clip-out, then riding on a lawn. I’ve also heard the suggestion that riders do it in a doorway where they can reach both doorposts; that might work. I’ve also gone down a few times while riding; I consider that part of the acceptable risk of the activity.

Look makes a Keo Easy pedal that is low-price, and set at a low tension to improve ease of clipping in and out; I have a set now. I suspect Shimano SPD makes a similar item.


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