Xmas 2010 list

With links, where appropriate:

  1. Zinn, Lennard, Zinn and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (the new one is due out in November 2010). I have the Road Bike one; this is for mountain bikes.
  2. Nashbar Eco Premium Jersey, made from recycled polyester. Size large, not black.
  3. Diadora Aerospeed bike shoes at Nashbar… but only if the price is $50 or less. Size 45.
  4. Land’s End Turtleneck, Medium, Dark Charcoal. Can be more than one.
  5. Land’s End Mesh, Banded Polo, Black. Large. This one. Not any of the fancy ones, not colors or tips or stripes or whatever. I can use other colors for for non-work, but subfusc is better than bright – I am, after all, an urban Yankee.
  6. Nylon or waterproof wallet for bike rides.
  7. Pentel Hybrid Gel Pens, Medium, Blue ink
  8. Barnes & Noble gift cards. I can use ’em on the Nook.
  9. Sneaker socks that don’t make you cringe.
  10. Apron, like the one I use in the kitchen, for bike repair. If the new one is real nice, I’ll put that one in the kitchen and use the old one for bike repair.
  11. Hammell, Thomas. 2009. Road Biking New Jersey. Globe Pequot
  12. Sprintech Handlebar Mirror, left only
  13. Helmet “Headliner”
  14. EITHER Fleece Toecovers or Neoprene Toecovers.

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