it’s alive…

On my road bike, I have a Sigma BC 1600 bike computer, that tells speed, distance, time, and a few other things. Bike computers are simple beasts; they include a clock, a calculator, and a way to measure magnetic pulses, and that’s about it. Attach a magnet to a spoke, a magnet sensor to a fork blade, run the wire to the computer… the hardest part is generally either setting the current date and time, or putting in your wheel circumference.

That is, until the magnet dies, which mine did in the past week. Now, you can buy a new Sigma magnet, for about 79¢ plus $28 shipping, or you can buy a whole new computer for a little less than that… Or you can head to Kim’s Bikes, and tell him your tale of woe, and he’ll sell you the magnet from a Cateye computer (of which he has a few hanging from the ceiling of the shop area) for $1.00.

As I said earlier, my new favorite bike store!


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