more lucid upgrade annoyance

Part of the problem with the upgrade to Ubuntu Lucid on the netbook, I think, was not having added the Medibuntu repository before I chose the best server. Another server is giving me much better response. (Before I changed, Wine took almost two hours to download!)

Java, however, was another issue; I finally found on the release notes that Java had been removed from the standard repository; you’ve gotta add this one (code below for cut-and-paste)

add-apt-repository "deb lucid partner"

I need Java for the work websites, and the open version wasn’t cuttin’ it. (If you want it to work in a browser, it helps to add the plugin. D’OH!)

Also had a problem with Ubuntu One. I signed into my Ubuntu One account, but got no prompt to add the netbook as a new computer to the account. After some research, it looked like the thing to do was uninstall all of the programs with “ubuntuone” in the title in the Synaptic Package Manager, then reinstall ’em all back (keep a list). I don’t know what that did (if anything)… but it seems to be sync-ing now.


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