ACK! with Lucid, already!

When I tried to install Lucid on the main computer, it choked; four times (from both CD and USB), at about 60%, it failed. The 10.04 release notes say there is a problem for those of us with separate /home partitions, and I sure ran into it, and the suggested fix didn’t work for me.

I finally nuked the whole first hard drive and gave up the separate /home partition, and Lucid installed, at that point. I have all the important stuff backed up both to a second hard drive and to an external USB drive, so I was able to rebuild everything… but it’s an annoyance not to be able to keep the separate /home partition.

In other news, I inadvertently unchecked the main Canonical repository in the software sources applet, and then got all twitchy when I couldn’t install anything. What do you mean, the dependencies for Opera and Java can’t be met? They went in fine on the netbook yesterday!



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