the problem with bicycles…

The weather is warming here in Central Jersey, so it’s time to get the bikes in order. My wife has a hybrid, and I have a hybrid and a road bike. When I first got the road bike, I loved it and loved riding… but then a few things happened to take the gloss off (not least of which was my gaining weight so I looked a little silly in that spandex outfit), so I rode less & less.

Well, I’ve lost some weight, and I’ve had both the bikes out. The first time out I got a flat on the hybrid and had to change it on the road. I’ve also been out a couple times on the road bike, and the shifter needs some adjustment. (If you have seen any of these posts about how I like to tinker with computers, you can guess that I might like to tinker with the bikes, as well.) So I got out my Park Tool School Manual and my Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance, and adjusted the front derailleur.

As I did, I saw that the cable is fraying. Might be time to replace the whole cable (maybe the rear, too), and, while I’m at it, I can reset the barrel adjusters. Maybe I’ll re-do the brake cables, too… but that will mean I’ll have to re-wrap the handlebars. If I do that, I get to choose a new color – maybe pick up some of the yellow highlights on my silver-and-white bike.

Hrmph. I’d like riding a lot more if there was more maintenance that went into it. I started riding the bike after I gave up the motorcycle after my second accident in fifteen months. The motorcycle was not an ideal fit for me (I liked to ride, but didn’t get enough opportunity to justify the cost, and although I was very active in an online motorcycle forum, I never fit in with any of the people I went to ride with), but it sure was fun to tinker with.

Maybe there are bicycle modifications analogous to modified exhaust or engine improvements for motorcycles? Of course, on a motorcycle, if they add to the weight, you just twist the throttle a smidge higher, while on a bicycle, you’re actually pushing the weight yourself…

Oh, well. Maybe it’s time to look at the Bike Nashbar catalog again.


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