Calendar-to-phone kludge

OK. So I can’t use my Palm anymore, and Essential PIM is a reasonable replacement, but I’ve gotta be near a computer. And I’ve got this cell phone that has a calendar, but it doesn’t sync with Essential PIM.

It turns out Essential PIM Pro syncs with Google Calendar, and there’s a Java app for the phone called gcalsync that also syncs with Google Calendar. The phone app doesn’t sync recurring appointments, though.

So here’s what I’m doing: At the beginning of the month, I go in to Essential PIM, add single-day appointments for all of the recurring appointments that I need to show up, and sync with Google Calendar (this also helps with my work calendar: I put all of my newly-added, one-time appointments into the “Business” category, and just print that category for my work calendar; it’s also easier to show changes to my regular monthly appointments that way). Then I sync with gcalsync, and the one-time appointments show up on the phone. It’s a pain, but probably no more of a pain than copying a daily planner onto a paper monthly calendar.

The phone has a feature to delete old appointments, so I should be able to manage the memory. I’ll keep an eye on it.


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