GIMP-ing wallpapers for a Boost phone

Over at Boostapps, Dennis has posted an excellent tutorial on making phone wallpapers using Irfanview. Irfanview isn’t available for the Linux operating system I use, so I used GIMP. Here’s what I did:

  1. Pick the image you want to take the wallpaper from, and open it up in GIMP.
  2. In the Toolbox, choose the rectangle selection tool (it’s probably the upper-leftmost option). Below the section of the window for tool selection, you get the options for the selected tool. One of the options will be “Fixed”. Choose “Aspect Ratio” in the dropdown. Then type in the aspect ratio for the size wallpaper you want to create (see below for the phone choice, image size, and aspect ratios), and click the checkbox next to “Fixed”.
  3. Now drag the rectangle selection over the part of the image you want to make your wallpaper. The rectangle can be re-sized by dragging the corners or edges, and moved by dragging the center. When you’ve got the part of the image you like, choose “Edit, Copy”.
  4. Open a new image (“File, New”). Gimp will ask you what size to make it. Look at the size in the options for the rectangle selection tool, and make it that size (actually, I make it about three or four pixels smaller in each direction, otherwise I sometimes get a white line in the next step). Choose OK.
  5. Paste your selection into the new image.
  6. Choose “Image, Scale Image”. You’ll see a chain doodad between the numbers for width and height; don’t click that, because you want to keep it locked in. If one of the dimensions for your phone is larger than the other, change that one to the correct size for the image (the image sizes are in parentheses below). Tab out, and the other one will change as well; you’ll be within one pixel of the correct size. To keep the image size small, change the resolutions (X & Y) to about 70-75. Click “Scale”
  7. Save as GIF, using a filename with less than eleven letters on the left sideof the dot, and lower-case “gif” (woithout quotes) on the right side of the dot. GIMP will probably tell you it needs to save as grayscale or indexed; choose “convert to indexed” and click “export”.

That’s it. You can then transfer the image in the usual way.

The aspect ratios for the various Boost phones are:

  • 1:1 (130×130) – i290, i325 1335, i415, i425, i450, i455, i830, i836
  • 4:5 (128×160) – i410, i465, i776
  • 4:5 (176×220) – i856, i760, i850, i855, i860, i870, i875, i880, i885
  • 3:4 (240×320) – i9

Edit: see the next post for some examples.


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