Got one.

At $259, it’s too expensive. At $113 (after cashing in all my giftcards and adding NJ tax), it’s still too expensive… but I’m likin’ it anyway:

  • Been loadin’ up on stuff from Google Books; there are typos in the text, but that’s probably a problem of the OCR-to-text system that Google Books uses.
  • Got a couple of bootleg things that I reformatted to .epub using Calibre (from .rtf, .txt, & .html); they show up well.
  • Tried to find or make a version of Through the Looking Glass with the original Tenniel illustrations; the illustrations either don’t show up on the nook (in an .epub formatted by Calibre; the illustrations DO show up in Calibre), or they’re oddly placed (in various .pdf’s; I’ll keep working on this).
  • Got my subscription to PC Magazine. Good articles, of course, but no ads; limited tips; no links to utilities. I’m not thrilled.
  • Haven’t bought any other Barnes & Noble e-books yet. They offer a number of free e-books (and, apparently, they’re worth every penny!). Some of the e-books are not much cheaper than the dead-tree versions, some are much cheaper.

I probably will wind up buying more books because of the device, because I won’t have the objections of either disposing of ’em or fighting with my wife for house room for ’em.


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