Nook? E-Reader?

Partly because of the disappointment over the Metro PCS phone, and partly because I have well over $125 in Barnes & Noble Gift Cards that I’m not spending, I’ve been re-thinking my initial lack of interest in an e-reader. The Barnes & Noble Nook doesn’t read plaintext files (which was one of my initial criteria)… but it turns out there is a (seemingly excellent) cross-platform application for e-book management, Calibre, that will happily reformat .txt files to .epub files, which ARE readable on the Nook. (In other news, it strikes me that I could set up a document as a plaintext file, reformat it as an .epub file, and keep it on the Nook to bring with me… but then I ask, how likely am I to bring my Nook to Home Depot when I’m buying furnace filters, and I can’t remember the size?)

Another value is that Barnes & Noble offers PC Magazine as a Nook document. I miss my dead-tree version of PC Magazine!

Another -nother advantage: I could get more books, and my wife wouldn’t complain about adding more books to the shelves in the living room!

The Nook runs Android, and there’s been some hacking going on. I doubt I’d be interested in running it as a web tablet (it’s slow, and not much less expensive than a netbook), but I wouldn’t be surprised if I added some apps someday (if somebody would write a program that would sync it with an online calendar and contact manager, I would kiss them on the lips and give them several hours with the film star of their choice!).

Birthday in less than three months. Friends & family – wanna give me B&N giftcards?


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