Metro PCS has moved (more or less) into my area. I think this is the greatest idea for a cell phone: reasonable price for data/talk/text, no contract (pay full price for the phone). There’s online backup of your addresses (available from any computer; you can use it as an online address book). And, while roaming charges apply outside their (admittedly limited) network, there is “extended coverage” allowing free voice and text (but probably not web) in a number of areas (see the explanation on the page), and paid roaming for the rest.

Two glitches. The first is minor: the store information on the site doesn’t list phone numbers, so you can’t call for directions. The second is major, for me: when I got home, I had no contact with the Metro PCS CDMA network from anywhere in the house.


Luckily, Metro PCS stores offer a 7-day, no-questions-asked return on the phone (and probably on the contract; we’ll see – the phone was refunded immediately, but I was told the plan would take a few weeks). I’ll keep checking the coverage; if they DO get coverage for my house, this is great for me – I’m usually only a local guy, so I don’t need foreign phone coverage, and I’d love web access on the phone.


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