of ebooks and downthemall

These two things should go together like a key and a lock, or a violin and a bow: books on .mp3 and DownThemAll.

I’m taken with books on .mp3. Podiobooks offers new (and some old) books, with reasonably high production values (theme music, &c.); mostly sci-fi & fantasy (see this post), but also in a variety of other genres. The Podiobook format for new books is a podcast, but you can also limit your search to complete books only.

Librivox offers public-domain works read by volunteers; the recordings are then put into the public domain. The quality of the readers varies, but I found that part of the fun of listening to my most recently completed download was the variety of accents (and geographical origins) of the readers.

Downloading the books as individual chapters, however, means getting a HUGE number of downloads, and, if you’ve gotta get ’em all separately, it’s a major inconvenience. The DownThemAll add-on for Firefox, however, simplifies this hugely – it can be tweaked to get specific types of files, but in most cases I’ve found that the basic settings automatically select the files I want, and screen out the ones I don’t. Just set it to go; it will get the files, let you know if there were problems with any (and allow you to quickly right-click to resume), and you can even fool around with the bandwidth it uses if you need to.

(In other news, I did get that Clip+ to which I referred in an earlier post. It’s smaller than I thought it would be, but I’m really likin’ it.)


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