Easy Wi-fi range improvement

This project reminded me of summer camp arts & crafts, and improved my wi-fi reception throughout the house by over 10%. It was all made from stuff I had around the house, too.

The key is the pattern for the antenna from Freeantennas.com.

antenna plan from FreeAntennas.Com

Print the image on the page (it works out fine on an 8½x11 sheet). Transfer the image (I traced it onto an old poly project jacket). I used a glue stick to attach aluminum foil to the reflector sheet (with the six slots in), cut the whole business out with scissors (and a hobby knife for the slots), and popped it on one of the antennae of my WRT54G router.

I had previously bought an extended range antenna, and I’m glad I have it… but I’ll bet two of these projects on the original antennas would have done almost the same thing. (It’s not the prettiest thing in the house, but it sure is working!)


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