mp3 player?

No, I don’t want an IPod.

My wife and I are going on a trip this year, that will include a cruise and long plane flights, I think I might want an mp3 player for two things:

  • I’ll want to listen to books on mp3 on the flight, and
  • I’ll want either books on mp3 or music to exercise to on the ship (at home, I generally stream the news or listen to a podcast, but internet access on shipboard is limited & expensive).

Now, I had (have? I’m not sure I can find it, for reasons that may become obvious) a player that played from SD cards. It was cheap (which was one of the few qualities to recommend it), but it was hard to find anything on its two-line screen, the combination neck-hanger-earphones assembly fell apart, and it would not keep the place in a book when turned off. The life of the AAA battery inside was not long either.

So here are the features I think I’d like:

  • It should play multiple formats, including mp3, ogg, wma, and whatever Audible.Com uses;
  • It should be reasonably inexpensive;
  • It should hold my place in a book between uses;
  • It should have enough of a screen that I can find what I’m looking for;
  • It should have a reasonable battery life.

Right now, I’m looking at the Sansa Clip+.


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