More on Browsers

In an earlier post, I asked why I needed Google Chrome. Well, I downloaded it (hey, it was free), and it carried over my settings from Firefox without a problem. So I’ve been fooling around with it, and WHOO! it’s fast (although Opera seems to be pretty close, or better). In truth, Firefox may be slower partly because of all the extensions I use (including Webmail, FireFTP, and Xmarks, among others… but it’s slower.

I looked at my browser use, and I see I’m using FIVE:

  • I use Internet Explorer rarely, but I do use it – usually only in those cases when nothing else works (printing from the online database at my job requires an ActiveX control that is not supported in any other browser, and there’s a re-creation of the old Prodigy MadMaze that only appears to recognize IE);
  • Firefox is my main browser, because of the extensions, and because of the easy, integrated RSS (except for the stuff I do in Opera). I’m also more familiar with it, and have done a couple of tweaks in the “about:config” screen
  • Google Chrome is fast. I use it to compensate for some slow internet service (like my access to the state webmail server where my work email is posted), and for some websites (and I’m talkin’ to you, Citibank credit cards) that lock up for Firefox under Linux. The address bar thingie is cool, but I don’t see that it’s all that much better than the one in Firefox.
  • Opera handles RSS better than any other browser, including defaulting to asking me whether I want to save .mp3’s instead of just playing them in the browser. Yes, I know that’s a setting that I can change… but Opera didn’t make the presumption, and I’ve been doing it that way for years, now. And there’s nothing wrong with Opera’s speed, either.
  • And, on the rare occasions when I have to make a tweak to a web page (like the one for my choral group – Philomusica, best in Central Jersey!), I use the composer bundled with Seamonkey.

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