dv6000 woes. Never again, hp.

My wife and I bought two Hewlett-Packard dv6000 laptops in the spring of 2007. Over and over, we have had problems:

  • A few months after I bought it, it would not boot, and the led around the power cord stopped working. It was still covered under warranty;
  • Last summer, the wi-fi card stopped working. Replacement of the wi-fi card showed that it was another problem.  A websearch showed that dv6000’s had an overheating, motherboard problem, and the loss of wi-fi was only one of the symptoms – we could also look forward to other hardware problems, and an early death to these machines.
  • About two weeks ago, my wife’s computer began having startup problems – and then would not start up at all.  Now mine is having the same problem.  We are lucky if either computer is working; it is rare that they both are.

Problems with the dv6000 are now well-documented.
Naysayers will point out an article from SquareTrade showing that about a third of laptops die after three years (link to pdf in the article).


HP has been aware of the problem for years. There was a warranty extension, but it was apparently a well-kept secret, because I never heard about it until after it no longer applied to our machines.
Oh, well. Good-bye, HP. I hope you treat your future customers better than you treated us. It will be a long time before I buy another Hewlett-Packard computer, or suggest to someone that they do. I may forgive, but I will never forget.


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