Upgrade woes

AACK! After installing the latest upgrade to the Webmail Notifier Firefox Add-on, Firefox wouldn’t load in Ubuntu Netbook Remix on the netbook. Loading from the terminal, and running dmesg|tail from the terminal, didn’t shed any light; I thought I might uninstall Firefox & reinstall, but then I might have to re-do all the plugins and codecs and stuff again – I finally just reinstalled Ubuntu Netbook Remix from scratch.

There’s probably an easier way to do this, but I’m not a Linux guru. My way worked. But I’ll bet somebody who knows what he’s doing would say I’m cracking eggs with a sledgehammer.

(No problem when I did the Webmail upgrade on the main computer, and no problem with the new Webmail add-on after the reinstall on the netbook. Hmmm.)


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